Test Engineers for Structural Engineering Recognition

Test engineer for stability is who is recognized as such or such by the highest building inspectorate. Other persons may not use this designation. Test engineers carry out inspection tasks in their respective departments in accordance with the Brandenburg Building Code or regulations on the basis of the Brandenburg Building Code at the instigation of the building authority. Test engineers are subject to legal and specialist supervision in the disciplines a solid construction, b Metal construction and c Timber construction. In order to be recognised as a test engineer for stability, the applicant must undergo an extensive examination of his or her knowledge and skills.

Submissions must be submitted by application for recognition, specifying the department and the subject area: a CV with a complete indication of the professional background up to the date of application, one copy of the diplomas and employment certificates, proof of the application for a certificate of leadership for submission to an authority or an equivalent document of a Member State of the European Union not older than three months, information on any other branches, information on any shareholding in a company whose purpose is to plan or carry out construction projects, and the proof of compliance with the special conditions for recognition in the respective departments and, where provided, specialised areas. The recognition authority may, where necessary, request further documentation.

Online procedure possible: no Written form required: yes Personal appearance necessary: yes (examination procedure)

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As test engineers for stability in the fields of solid construction, metal construction and timber construction, only persons who are have completed the study of civil engineering at a German university or an equivalent degree at a foreign university, have been entrusted with the establishment of safety certificates, technical construction management or similar activities for at least 10 years thereafter, of which they have established safety evidence for at least five years and must have been entrusted with the technical management of the construction for at least one year; however, the time of a technical construction management may only be counted up to a maximum of three years, have the necessary knowledge of the relevant building regulations, have demonstrated above-average skills through their achievements as engineers, and have the expertise required for a test engineer. The existence of the conditions for recognition must be demonstrated by a certificate issued by the Audit Committee.
- Download the application form and print it out - Submit the completed application as well as required documents to the Construction Engineering Testing Office - The Building Engineering Inspectorate, as the recognition authority, also: the review of the professional background Written examination Oral examination Review Certificate of the Audit Committee Decision on recognition as a test engineer