Deferral from school attendance order

The headteacher may defer a child from school once for one school year if it is expected that he or she will not be able to meet the requirements of year 1 of the primary school. The decision will be taken on the basis of the school medical opinion, the school admissions interview and other information available to the school. Children who are deferred from school for one school year must attend a day care centre or a rehabilitation early support measure. Proof of this must be provided by the parents to the school. The deferral from school attendance is only the exception.

Finding that the child cannot meet the requirements of year 1 of primary school
The procedure for admission to primary school takes place in the year before enrolment: Sept./Oct. - Language level assessment in the daycare center Oct./April - school medical examination Dec./Feb. - Registration in primary school/application for deferral from school attendance End of May - Admission or provision notice by primary school

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