Admission to secondary schools Counselling

School leaving certificates can be obtained at schools.

A child's transition from primary school (at the end of grade 6) to secondary school is a significant event, as the right choice of secondary school is important for the individual development of each individual child. This decision-making process is often associated with a variety of questions in order to finally find a school in which the child feels comfortable and at the same time is supported and challenged according to his individuality. For admission to a secondary general education school, in addition to the wishes of the parents, the determination of abilities, achievements and inclinations are decisive, including the primary school report and the half-year report of grade 6. The transition to the 7th grade is called the Ü 7 procedure.

In addition, particularly capable children have the opportunity to learn in a performance and talent class at grade 5. These performance and talent classes are set up at 35 schools (grammar schools and comprehensive schools) in the country. The procedure is referred to as the Ü5 procedure.

Ü5 procedure

  • Certificate of grade 4 (half-year)
  • Recommendation of the primary school (created at the request of the parents)
  • Application form

Ü7 procedure

  • Certificate of grade 6 (half-year)
  • Primary school report with an educational course recommendation of the primary school
  • Application form

The schools provide the respective forms, which can also be downloaded online from the MBJS website.


Ü5 procedure

  • the total grade on the half-year report of grade 4 in the subjects German, mathematics and first foreign language or German, mathematics and general education "5" may not be exceeded
  • Recommendation of the primary school
  • Proof of suitability in the selection process by means of a prognostic test and aptitude interview

Ü7 procedure (admission to the Gymnasium)

  • the total grade on the half-year report of grade 6 in the subjects German, mathematics and first foreign language or German, mathematics and general education "7" may not be exceeded
  • Primary school report with educational course recommendation for the general higher education entrance qualification

Ü7 procedure (admission to secondary and comprehensive schools)

  • No special requirements
  • In case of over-demand at a school, selection procedures are carried out

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Ü5 procedure

  • Application for the preparation of the primary school report by the parents or legal guardians
  • Preparation of the expert opinion
  • Registration at a comprehensive school or a grammar school
  • Execution of the prognostic test
  • Aptitude interviews
  • Competitions
  • Dispatch of admission notices

Ü7 procedure

  • Issue of the primary school eights with the educational course recommendation and the registration forms by the primary school together with the half-year certificates of grade 6
  • Submission of registration forms in primary schools
  • (if necessary, implementation of the trial lessons when registering for a grammar school, but no existing requirements)
  • Admission procedure (first and second wish procedure)
  • Compensation conferences and allocation procedures (in case of non-fulfilment of first and second wishes)
  • Dispatch of admission notices

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