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The secondary school covers grades 7 to 10. It provides a basic and expanded general education and includes the course of education for the acquisition of the advanced vocational education and training (EWC) and the course for the acquisition of the technical upper secondary school entrance qualification (FOR). In addition to a secure basic education, the secondary school has the task of promoting the strengths and talents of the pupils entrusted to it, but also in providing assistance with learning difficulties. The special task of the secondary school is to provide qualifications and competences for later professional development. Secondary schools can determine their own organisation of their teaching within a specific framework. There are secondary schools which, according to their desired degree, group their pupils into classes (cooperatively organised secondary schools) and secondary schools which, in some subjects, use a two-level course system (integrated secondary school).

Certificate of year 6 (half-year) Primary school assessments with a course recommendation Application form

The primary schools provide the respective forms, which can also be downloaded online from the MBJS pages.

Issue of primary school eights with the course recommendation and the registration forms by the primary school together with the half-yearly certificates of year 6 Submission of registration forms in primary schools Admission procedures (first and second request procedures) Compensation conferences and allocation procedures (in case of non-fulfilment of first and second requests) Sending of admission notices

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