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The primary school in Brandenburg covers grades 1 to 6. All children who complete the age of six by 30 September will be required to attend school on 1 August of the same calendar year. Children who complete the age of six between 1 October and 31 December can also be admitted to school if you, as a parent, make an application to the relevant school. In justified exceptional cases, children who, in the period after 31 December but who complete the age of six before 1 August of the following year, may also be admitted to school on 1 August. However, this application shall be enclosed with reliable evidence of the child's state of development. At the request of the parents, admission to year 2 can take place in individual cases or in the current school year in year 1. T he registration in primary school must normally take place in the responsible primary school by the end of February. The specific registration date will be made public by the school authority. The relevant primary school can be found in the respective school district statutes of the municipality. If the same school districts have been designated for a residence, their child will be registered at the school of choice. For registration, the child must be presented in person at school and proof of participation in the language level assessment (in the daycare) and proof of adequate vaccination protection or immunity to measles or medical contraindication against measles vaccination must be provided. If parents want their child to be educated at a free-school school, they must first register it at the relevant primary school in public sponsorship. As part of the admission procedure, the children are required to take part in the school medical examination. The headteacher decides on admission to the school.

Confirmation of participation for the determination of language status, proof of adequate vaccination protection or immunity against measles or a medical contraindication against measles vaccination application for deferral from school attendance, if applicable, application, if any, to visit a school other than the relevant school

Children who are enrolled in the school for the following school year and whose home or habitual residence is in the Land of Brandenburg until 31 October in the year preceding enrolment are obliged to participate in the procedure for determining the level of language. The aim is to: that children with language problems are identified and supported at an early stage, so that the school entrance conditions of all children are well developed and appropriate support measures can be continued on a school basis. Parents whose children have participated in the language status assessment procedure will receive a confirmation of participation. The confirmation of participation must be presented at the time of registration at the relevant primary school. If, at the time of registration, the school finds that children have not participated in a language assessment and have not been exempted from the obligation to participate, the school shall immediately ask parents to comply with their obligation to participate in the relevant measure. Parents are obliged to provide the school with a confirmation of participation for the assessment of the language status. Exceptions: Children who attend a daycare centre outside the State of Brandenburg in the year before enrolment beyond 31 October are exempt from the procedure for determining the language status and compensatory language support. Children in language therapy treatment and children who, due to the nature and severity of their disability, cannot receive language support in accordance with Paragraph 5 shall be exempted from the obligation to participate in paragraph 1.
The procedure for admission to primary school takes place in the year before enrolment: Sept./Oct. - Language level assessment in the daycare center Oct./April - school medical examination Dec./Feb. Registration in primary school/application for deferral from school attendance, application to attend a school other than the relevant school until 30 Apr. - Notification by parents to the relevant primary school for admission to a free-to-air school End of May - Admission or provision notice by primary school

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