School non-school examination acceptance

School leaving certificates can be obtained through a non-student examination.

In principle, in Germany, the acquisition of a state-recognized educational qualification can be acquired through an examination without previous attendance at a corresponding school.

These include, among other things, the vocational training maturity, the extended vocational training maturity (lower secondary school leaving certificate), the fachoberschulreife (mittlere Reife), the entitlement to attend the upper secondary school, the fachhochschulreife, the school part of the fachhochschulreife, the general university entrance qualification, the Latinum as well as the Graecum and vocational degrees

The exam preparation is self-taught or with the help of external providers, for example a distance learning school in the second way of education.

Admission to the examination is carried out by the competent state education office. For the acceptance of the examinations for the achievement of school leaving certificates, mostly existing schools are commissioned.

In Brandenburg, it is also necessary to take a non-student examination if pupils attend an approved but unrecognized substitute school.

For general school leaving certificates:

  1. an overview of the previous school career including a certified copy of the last school report,
  2. an explanation of whether an examination to obtain this degree has been taken before,
  3. a statement on the choice of examination subjects,
  4. a presentation of the type and scope of preparation for the exam and, if applicable, the topics for individual examination subjects, and
  5. proof of the location of the home by means of a valid personal document or a current registration certificate or a certificate from approved substitute schools, Waldorf schools, supplementary schools, recognised distance learning institutes or, in the case of Latinum and Graecum examinations, universities based in the country

For professional qualifications:

  1. Application form or informal application with the declaration of the intended conclusion
  2. Proof of the main residence in the state of Brandenburg and the completion of the 21st year of life (copy of identity card or registration certificate)
  3. Overview of the school career and the professional career-certified copy of the certificate of the vocational qualification
  4. certified copy of the certificate of the school leaving certificate (at least fachoberschulreife/mittlere Schulabschluss/Realschulabschluss)
  5. informal presentation of the type and scope of the preparation
  6. Proof (original or certified copy) of the practical activity

The state school authorities provide the corresponding application forms.


in accordance with the valid legal basis of the programmes

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After submitting an application, the admission requirements are checked by the responsible state education office. If these are fulfilled, the examination approval takes place after payment of the fee.

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