Operation of vehicles permission replacement after loss notification

If you lose your Part I or Part II registration certificate or if you are stolen from you, you must report this immediately to your local licensing authority. There you must also apply for a new registration certificate Part I or II. In some cases, the registration authority requires that you additionally make an affidavit about the loss of the vehicle document. Note: If you find the lost registration document after the replacement document has been issued, you must submit the old document to the licensing authority as soon as possible.

valid identity card or passport in the case of commercial vehicles: additional evidence in case of loss: loss declaration or affidavit in case of theft: confirmation of the theft notice by the police If applicable, existing registration certificate Part I or Part II (previously: vehicle registration certificate or vehicle letter) If you are to replace the Part I registration certificate, you will also need: Test report on a valid main examination according to the Road Traffic Authorisation Regulations (StVZO) In addition to representation: written power of attorney valid identity card or passport of the authorised person In addition to minors: Declaration of consent and identification documents of the guardians Please check with your competent licensing authority whether further documentation is required or if some of the listed documents are not required. Notes: The admissions authority may require an affidavit as to the whereabouts of the registration document. Many regulatory authorities offer a form for the affidavit for download. If the Part II registration certificate is deposited with a financial institution, check with the licensing authority for the procedure.

Forms: you will receive from your local licensing authority Online procedure possible: no Written form required: yes Personal appearance required: different depending on the local competent licensing authority

Loss of vehicle document
You must apply in writing or in person to your local licensing authority for the issuance of a new Registration Certificate Part I or II. Find out more at your local licensing authority, whether a form is available for download, which documents you need for the procedure, whether you can submit the application in person or in writing by e-mail or post, whether you should show up on site for personal application with or without an appointment and whether you need to pick up your new papers in person or receive them by post to your home. As a rule, you must appear in person for the application. To do this, go to your competent licensing authority with the completed form and the required documents. In case of loss of the registration certificate Part II: The loss is reported to the Federal Motor Transport Authority by the licensing authority and published in the traffic bulletin. Only after the loss has been announced in the traffic sheet with a deadline for the presentation of the registration certificate Part II, you can pick up the new registration documents or receive them by post. The licensing authority can provide you with information about the expected processing time.

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