Special use of roads Consent Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

With the excavation certificate, the construction company receives the approval of the road construction load carrier to carry out the construction project on its land. The developer registers the construction project and thus has the possibility to check the proper restoration during or after the completion of the construction project and after the end of the warranty period. With each excavation, the condition and quality of the traffic area are changed. In order to minimise follow-up costs for the general public, the coordination of excavations is important and the contracting authority of the excavation must be known in order to determine warranty claims. More legal certainty will be created for all parties concerned, as the site of the excavation has documentation of the interventions from which the rights and obligations of the parties can be derived. Excavations in public transport areas are therefore in principle subject to authorisation. The burial certificate shall be provided by the construction company at the place of work for inspection purposes. Note: In the context of pipeline laying on road areas, corresponding user contracts must also be concluded.