School certificate replacement

In accordance with paragraph7 (1) and (2) of the VV certificates, replacements for destroyed or lost certificates and copies of certificates in the event of a name change, provided that there is a special interest in them, shall be prepared on request by the school issuing the original. If the issuing school no longer exists, the copyising is carried out by the State School Board, in whose area of supervision the issuing school was located. Sentences 1 and 2 shall also apply if, on the basis of the changed membership of a sex, a change in the first name of the first name has been determined by a final decision of the district court responsible for the place of residence and a copy of certificates is requested. If duplicates, copies or copies are not available, the State School Board shall produce a copy on the basis of other documents such as grade books and examination documents, if a clear reconstruction is possible.

Identity card or passport as proof of identity

As a rule, a personal appearance is necessary.

You have lost a certificate of completion, exit or other relevant certificate for you. Other cases are destroyed certificates, a name change if there is a special interest or if the first name has been changed at the competent district court on the occasion of the changed membership of a gender.

In accordance with point 6 (1) VV certificates shall be issued in duplicate. A copy must be taken to the student files. Copies shall be marked as such. A replacement for the original can often be drawn up on the basis of this second copy/copy.
You should apply for a replacement certificate in person at the former school. The school must verify your identity in an appropriate manner (e.g. by presenting proof of identity). Then, as far as possible, a replacement certificate will be issued to you. The replacement certificate then replaces the lost or destroyed original.

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