School Certificate Exhibition

Have you completed a school year, school year or course? The certificate issued will be issued to you on the day of the certificate issue of the school you attended. If the certificate of completion or departure is concerned, a certified copy of the certificate will also be handed over to you. Note: The issuance and issue of the certificates at the respective school is automatic. An application for the first exhibition is not required.


Personal appearance is also necessary. Perspective: The modalities for obtaining a digital certificate of completion or leaving certificate have not yet been determined.

A school relationship and school attendance. A final certificate is awarded in the state of Brandenburg to those who have successfully completed an education course or passed a final examination and leave school. Exit certificates may be eligible under certain conditions if the course of study has not been successfully completed but will leave the school.

Pupils in dual vocational training receive a diploma of the course of study for the placement of the school part of vocational training by the attended vocational school or the visited OSZ (general education school) and a vocational qualification certificate of the respective competent body.
The testimonies are issued automatically without application at the respective school, in time for the issue of the certificate and are usually issued to the students present on the day of the certificate issue at the end of the school year or school year. If a pupil is not present on the day of the issue of the certificate due to leave, illness or other reasons for which he is not responsible for his/her own work, the certificate shall be forwarded to the parents or, at the age of majority, by the pupil, in a sealed envelope.

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