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The calculation of the admission numbers in the study programmes is carried out on the basis of the courses offered, the training effort and other capacity-determining criteria in accordance with the capacity ordinance of the state of Brandenburg for each study programme for each academic year. The admission number is a measure of the number of students enrolled in a degree program. For degree programmes with restricted admissions, the admission figures approved by the Ministry of Science, Research and Culture (MWFK) are published anew each year in the Admission Figures Ordinance. All applications for admission received in due form and time are assigned to rank lists and ranked according to the criteria of the rank list. The following rank lists are formed: Applicants who are selected on a preferential basis after service on the basis of previous eligibility for admission. Applicants who are selected on a preferential basis due to their membership in the national squad of a national sports federation of the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) foreign and stateless applicants who do not have the same status as Germans second degree applicants Applicants according to the result of the university selection procedure: e.g. average grade of the university entrance qualification, if necessary improved by 0.1 grade points if proof of successful participation in a structured study preparation program is provided e.g. further improvement by 1.0 grade point if proof of in-depth knowledge is provided e.g. procedural grade according to the criteria of the subject-specific statutes for the university selection procedure of a specific degree programme Applicants according to waiting period Applicants according to hardship criteria Applicants of further quotas according to § 18 HZV

Check with the respective university in advance.

Forms: Application form Online procedure possible: partially Written form required: yes Personal appearance required: no

Check with the respective university in advance.

Even in degree programmes for which there are no admission restrictions and a university place is therefore guaranteed, a prior application/pre-registration may be required at some universities. Therefore, you should also inquire at the university whether, until when and how the application documents have to be submitted.
Fill out the application online and send it electronically via the university's study place portal. or Download the form online and print it out. Complete the form and attach the necessary supporting documents. Submit the application documents to the university. You will receive a written notice of admission or rejection by mail. In the event of a rejection, it may be possible to obtain a place at the university at a later date by means of the "Nachrückverfahren".

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