Combat equipment exposure test

The Combat Removal Service provides an overview of all suspected areas of war in the state of Brandenburg and makes them available to the districts and district-free cities. If a construction site is located in a suspected area of warfare and the project involves ground interference or vibrations, the non-combat anaesthetic must be demonstrated before construction begins. Proof may be provided by a certificate issued by the Combat Removal Service or after the disposal of weapons by certificate from the executing equipment clearance company.

Application Map extract with identification of the construction project Land map with identification of the parcel Site plan with drawing of the existing development and the planned project Permission to leave Proof of ownership

Forms: Application for verification of weapons exposure): Online procedure possible: yes (partially) Written form required: yes Personal appearance necessary: no

For the Oranienburg model region, special arrangements have been extended for an initial three-year time since 1 August 2019.
You can apply for the verification of a property for the load of weapons using the form available online or send it in advance by e-mail: Complete the provided form. Add the necessary documents to the Submit the application documents to the Combat Removal Service. You will then receive the desired information by post, including a fee notice.

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