Grant access to the voters' register for the mayoral election

By inspecting the voters' register, every voter can satisfy himself of the correctness of the data entered about him or her and, if necessary, request its correction.

If you have indications that the entries relating to you on the electoral roll are incorrect or incomplete, you have the right to inspect the voters' register during general opening hours on working days from the 20th to the 16th day before the election. Indications are given if you have not received an election notification by the 21st day before the election or if information about you on the election notification is incorrect.

Identity document, if applicable election notification


The right to vote must be given.

§ 23 paragraph 3 BbgKWahlG, § 19 BbgKWahlV

Public announcement by the local electoral authority

Personal presentation in the electoral authority.

In order to verify the accuracy or completeness of the data of other persons entered on the electoral roll, persons entitled to vote shall have a right of access to the electoral roll only if they credibly demonstrate facts from which an inaccuracy or incompleteness of the voters' register may result.

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