Voter register for local elections Registration as returnee

A register of persons entitled to vote shall be kept for each constituency. The electoral roll is the basis for the proper conduct of the election. It ensures that only those entitled to vote will vote and cast their ballots only once. It shall be drawn up on the 42nd day before the election by registering all persons entitled to vote who are registered in the electoral register in the electoral area with their main residence. If you have obtained the right to vote by entering the electoral area after the 42nd day before the election, you will also be registered of your own motion. You will receive an election notification by registering on the voters' register. However, if only a move is made within the municipality, the registration remains in the electoral register of the original constituency. However, if a move to another district takes place, in which a local council or local head is elected, you will also be entered in the electoral register of your own motion.

Returnee or returnee is you if you have not yet had a main residence in the constituency, have lost your right to vote because you have moved out of the constituency or have moved your main residence, and return to the constituency and re-establish your main residence.
Sections 23 and 24 BbgKWahlG, Sections 13 to 15 BbgKWahlV

They will be entered on the electoral register of their own motion upon entry. You will be informed of the registration with an election notification.

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