Indication of the commencement of the activity as a fire safety test expert

The Brandenburg Chamber of Engineers, as the recognition authority, decides on the application for recognition as an examination expert or test expert in the state of Brandenburg. On the basis of the documents submitted in accordance with Section 5 of the BbgPrüfSV, the latter examines the personal and technical requirements of the applicant. The application for recognition must include the disciplines and disciplines for which recognition is sought. In addition, previous recognition procedures in these disciplines or disciplines, including in another country to which the applicant has already undergone unsuccessful training, may have to be proven.

With the completed written application, the following proofs must be submitted: Curriculum vitae with a complete indication of the professional background up to the date of application one copy of the diplomas and employment certificates, proof of the application for a certificate of leadership for submission to an authority (document O or P) or an equivalent document of a Member State of the European Union, whereproof or document should not be older than three months; information about the place of business and any other branches, information on any participation in a company whose purpose is to plan or carry out construction projects, and the proof of compliance with the special conditions for recognition in accordance with Section 5 (4) bbgPrüfSV in the respective departments or disciplines

Form: The application form for recognition as a building-approved test expert can be found under Online procedure possible: no written form required. Yes Personal appearance necessary: no

Professional lyrise degree in architecture, civil engineering, civil engineering, etc. Proof of at least 2 years of work as an engineer in the field of safety-technical building equipment, Fire Protection Department Knowledge of relevant legislation and regulations Proof of professional insinuating insurance (not older than 3 months, minimum coverage buzzin s. 10 BgbIngG
Recognition is granted on written request. Download and print the form online. Fill in the form and add the necessary evidence. Submit the application to the Brandenburg Chamber of Engineers. The application will be processed by the Registration Committee (which may provide explanations or invitations to submit documents). You will then receive a postal notice from the Registration Committee

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