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With the social housing support programme, the Land of Brandenburg creates incentives for the construction or construction of housing with fixed rents and occupancy (so-called social housing). The aim is to support households with socially acceptable rents that cannot find adequate housing on the market due to low income. At the same time, the funding purposes are intended to contribute to stable living and neighbourhood conditions as well as to accessibility, intergenerational justice and climate protection. For the creation of social housing in conjunction with a fixed rental price and occupancy, builders and owners may, on request, receive state support in the form of grants, discounted loans or other monetary benefits. This applies to both new construction and the restoration of housing. In addition, loans will be granted to the modernisation and refurbishment of rental apartments. For so-called social housing, a maximum permitted rent (usually below the local cold rent) is limited to the promotion and a restriction to renting to eligible tenants. A residence permit (WBS) is therefore a prerequisite for the rental of subsidized apartments. You can apply for support for the creation, modernisation and repair of rental housing at the Investment and Landesbank. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Planning (MIL) of the State of Brandenburg is responsible for the design and compliance with the funding conditions as well as the decision on funding.

Application for support for the new creation of rental housing by the client or owner, or for the modernization and repair of rental apartments incl. necessary facilities Opinions of the municipality (proof of need, justification of occupancy commitment) if necessary, proof of the lower monument protection authority

Forms via ILB Online procedure possible: no Written form required: yes Personal appearance necessary: yes (legitimation test)

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The property is entitled to apply for natural and legal persons as a builder or owner. Measures in defined territorial settings (e.g. redevelopment and development areas, "priority areas housing", urban redevelopment areas) are eligible for funding. Other requirements are: Proof of the financial viability of the project Own services in at least 15 percent of the total cost of the modernization and repair of rental apartments and 20 percent of the total cost of the creation of rental apartments Compliance with the rental price and occupancy commitment for 20 or 25 years after completion Compliance with the property requirements defined in the funding guidelines (e.g. in relation to apartment sizes) Compliance with the procurement regulations in accordance with point 6.3 of the Rental Housing Promotion

The Funding Directive is valid until 31 December 2021.
On the pages of the ILB: New building: Modernisation: Lifts: Directive on the promotion of the generation-oriented and barrier-free adaptation of rental residential buildings through modernisation and refurbishment and the new rental housing construction (rental housing promotionR): General ancillary provisions for project funding grants (ANBest-P): On the pages of the MIL:

The application is submitted to the Investment Bank of the Land of Brandenburg using the forms available under under the heading "Promotion of rental housing". Print, fill out and sign forms incl. the other necessary documents as well as the opinion of the municipality. The decision on the start of the programme is taken by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Planning of the State of Brandenburg.

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