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Housing supported by social housing support (so-called social housing) is subject to occupancy and rent fixing. This means that the owner may only rent the apartments to households that have a corresponding residence permit. In addition, the rent for the apartment may not exceed a certain amount. The rent is usually lower than the rent of other apartments. Which households can obtain a residence permit for a social housing? A residence permit can be issued if certain conditions are met. The applicant, who forms a household with his or her household members, must comply with the income limit applicable to this household in accordance with Section 22 bbgWoFG. The income is audited by the authority where the application for a residence permit is submitted. In addition, the size of an apartment that can be moved in is usually dependent on the size of the household (adequate apartment size).

Application form with the applicant's signature Personnel documents of all persons belonging to the household (e.B. current identity card or passport or foreign passport with residence permit/ residence permit) Proof of income of the applicant and all members of the household If necessary, further documents or evidence may be required (e.B. Certificates, badge for the severely disabled, certificate of pregnancy/mother's passport, birth certificate of the child or children, rental contract, current study certificate or school certificate, etc.) .

Note: You will otherwise also receive the application for a residence permit from the responsible housing office. You can find more detailed information on the website of your local authority, office or city administration (housing office).

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Those seeking applications are persons seeking housing who are not only temporarily within the scope of this Act and who are able to establish a residence as the centre of life relations for a longer period of time and to maintain an independent household. Obtaining a residence permit depends on income. Therefore, only households whose total income does not exceed the income threshold in accordance with Section 22 bbgWoFG receive a residence permit. Please contact your local housing office for details.

In principle, every citizen of legal may be entitled to apply. All persons who are travelling must be family or household members. Only one application for a residence permit can be submitted. The residence permit is only valid for housing in the state of Brandenburg. A residence permit issued in another Federal State of the Federal Republic of Germany is not recognised. The holders of a residence permit belong to the group of persons who are allowed to rent social housing. However, you do not automatically receive a social housing permit with the residence permit, but have to look for the social housing yourself.
You will only receive a residence permit upon request from the competent authority. You must apply for a residence permit with the local authority. There you will also receive an application form. Applications are also often available online. The application must be made by the authorised person. The residence permit is usually valid for one year and can then be reapplied if necessary.

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