List of persons entitled to prove constructional evidence Registration

On the basis of the Brandenburg Building Code of 19.05.2016 published in the Law and Ordinance Gazette for the Land of Brandenburg No. 14 of 20.05.2016 compliance with the requirements for stability, fire, sound and vibration protection under certain conditions must be demonstrated (Section 66 para. 1 BbgBO Building Technical Evidence). As a rule, the building template authorization in accordance with Section 65 (2) Nos. 1, 2 and 4 includes the authorization to prepare the building technical evidence. By way of derogation, however, for the construction projects referred to in Section 66(2), both proof of stability and proof of fire protection must be drawn up by a person who meets the conditions set out in Section 66 (2) and is entered in the corresponding list. The lists for the registration of the proof permit for structural design and fire protection are jointly maintained by the Brandenburg Chamber of Architects and the Brandenburg Chamber of Engineers in accordance with Section 66 (5) bbgBO. A partial list is kept at the Brandenburg Chamber of Engineers and the Brandenburg Chamber of Architects Since 1 January 2002, evidence of stability, including the fire resistance duration of load-bearing components, preventive fire protection, sound and heat protection and evidence for power generation plants of persons entitled to do so (persons entitled to demonstrate) must be drawn up or certified by experts after verification of compliance with the requirements of this Act or on the basis of this Act. This evidence is no longer examined by the building inspectorate. Persons entitled to prove this are persons, in particular architects and civil engineers, who are entered in the special lists of persons entitled to proof on the basis of their professional experience and references. Registration must be requested in writing with the necessary proof.

The application for registration in the list of structural planners and structural planners shall be enclosed with the following documents: Certificate of completion of a degree in civil engineering or civil engineering, documents relating to a practical activity in the field of structural design of at least three years, Reference list with own structural plans, three hand-developed structural plans, police certificate of leadership (not older than 6 months), tabular CV. The following documents must be attached to the application for registration as a fire protection planner: certified copy of the certificate of the engineering degree (certified) Copy of the certificate Curriculum vitae / career, if necessary confirmation of employment in the field of fire protection Proof of professional inertia insurance (not older than 3 months, minimum coverage buzzin s. 10 BgbIngG Proof of expertise on: According to the application form three selected fire protection concepts building class 4.5 or special buildings If you are a member of another chamber of engineers or architects: Proof of membership by means of current certificate If necessary, proof of the building template authorization If necessary, fire protection-specific training/training certificates

Form: Application forms for entry in the common list of persons entitled to proof in accordance with Section 66 paragraph 2 sentence 1 BbgBO of 19 May 2016 can be found under Online procedure possible: no written form required. Yes Personal appearance necessary: no

Prerequisites for entry in the list of structural planners and structural planners are: Vocationally qualified university degree in architecture, civil engineering or civil engineering at least three years of professional experience in structural design Prerequisites for inclusion in the list of fire protection planners are: Engineering training in the field of civil engineering or adequate or / and fire protection-specific training such as e.B. expert for fire protection, master for fire protection, specialist planner or specialist planner for fire protection, bachelor for security At least two years of practical activity in the field of fire protection planning and execution of buildings or their testing of at least building class 4 or special buildings
Brandenburg Chamber of Engineers: Qualified structural and fire protection planners entitled to prove

Registration is made on a written request. Download and print the form online. Fill in the form and add the necessary evidence. Submit the application to the Brandenburg Chamber of Engineers. The application will be processed by the Registration Committee (which may provide explanations or invitations to submit documents). You will then receive a postal notice from the Registration Committee