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Engineers in the field of civil engineering or civil engineering must be entered in the list of draft authors in order to be commissioned as draft sauthors for building templates for the construction of buildings requiring planning permission or knowledge. The list must include, on request, who satisfies the conditions laid down in Section 65 of the Brandenburg Building Code. The list of draft authors is kept by the Brandenburg Chamber of Engineers. Note: If you are already registered in such a list of another federal state, this registration also applies in Brandenburg. Registered building contractors from other EU/EEA countries If you are established in another EU or EEA Member State as a building template author or author of a building template, you are entitled to a building template without being entered in the list of draft authors. In this case, you must have a comparable right and meet the requirements for inclusion in the list of draft authors. You must report your work at the Brandenburg Chamber of Engineers before you become a building template author or authorof to the building template for the first time. On request, the Chamber of Engineers confirms that the notification has been made. If the requirements in your country of origin are not comparable to those in Brandenburg, you must certify that you meet the requirements required for entry in the list of draft authors. You must apply for the certificate from the Brandenburg Chamber of Engineers, which will enter you in a separate register after the certificate has been issued. Note: If you have already viewed your activity in another state, an advertisement in Brandenburg is not necessary. This also applies to the issue of the certificate.

The completed application must be submitted: Certified Copy of the certificate as an engineer or adequate (certified) Copy of the certificate of the engineering degree or adequate Curriculum vitae / career Proof of professional insinuating insurance (maximum 3 months old, minimum cover amount in accordance with Section 10 BrbIngG) if necessary, proof of independence, e.B. managing director of a limited liability company and the same (see application form) if necessary, confirmation of registration with another chamber of engineers Proof of at least 2 years of building experience in the field of building design by: Object list (see application form) at least 3 complete approval plans (maximum 5 years old) from which the applicant clearly emerges as the processor)

The application form can be found under Online procedure possible: no written form required. Yes Personal appearance necessary: no

To be entered in the draft writer list, you must prove a vocationally qualified university degree in the field of civil engineering or civil engineering, have been practically active in the design of buildings for at least two years after graduation, domicile or professional establishment in the Land of Brandenburg, and prove that there is sufficient professional inertinsurance.
Registration is made on a written request. Download and print the form online. Fill in the form and add the necessary evidence. Submit the application to the Brandenburg Chamber of Engineers. The application will be processed by the Registration Committee (which may provide explanations or invitations to submit documents). You will then receive a postal notice from the Registration Committee

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