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If you change any relevant circumstances that lead to a higher amount of funding, these can only be taken into account if they are communicated to the Office for Educational Support. If changes in the relevant circumstances lead to a reduction in your funding amount, this must be taken into account ex officio. Ex officio investigations are always carried out if there are indications that facts may have changed that are important for the approval of your educational support. Standard adjustments to statutory pensions and pensions do not lead to a change in the amount of funding.

Update request or change notification Certificates (e.B taxes) Proof (e.B income)

Forms: Application form Online procedure possible: yes Written form required: yes Personal appearance required: no

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Submitted initial or repeat application Calculation-relevant change (e.B own income and assets have changed or the income of the parents or spouse or registered partner) Depending on the type of educational support, further requirements may be met.

student: The Offices for Educational Support are not obliged to forward changes to your residential address and/or your name to the Federal Office of Administration (BVA). Therefore, please inform the BVA immediately of any change of address and name, even after your studies. You must communicate not only a new residential address by moving, but any change resulting from renaming the place of residence or street name or from changing the postal code or house number. You thus avoid unnecessary costs in the repayment modalities of your loan.
Report the following changes in a timely manner: Termination, termination or interruption of studies (semester off, prolonged illness, exmatriculation) Change of field of study (also in the minor subject) new address Moving in with the parents or in an apartment that belongs to them new bank details higher income than stated when applying in case of update (Form 7): higher income of the parents / spouse or partner Changes in income of other children (spouse / partner / parents) Beginning or end of the education of other children (the spouse / partner / parents) Funding by a gifted support agency Changes in health and long-term care insurance Continuation of studies abroad (also practical semester) Complete an update request, change notice, or change notice. In some cases, your signature or the online function of your identity card is required here. Finally, send the completed form either by post or online to the office responsible for you.

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