Display of a forest seed or forest plant farm

Would you like to harvest and sell seeds of forest plants? Then they can display the recording of their forest seed or forest plant farm here.

If you would like to run a forest seed or forest plant business, you must report this to the State Office for Forest Reproductive Material of the State of Brandenburg. This state office is located at the Landesbetrieb Forst Brandenburg.

Securing the identity of forest reproductive material is of fundamental importance for forestry. Therefore, strict requirements are placed on establishments during production and placing on the market. The national authorities must monitor compliance with these regulations. For this purpose, the companies operating in the field are registered and given a unique company number. This must be indicated on all delivery documents accompanying the propagating material.

Display with the following information:

  • name of the establishment,
  • Address of the establishment
  • responsible person
  • Date of commencement of operations or deregistration

The notification must be made within one month after the start or termination of the business, but in any case before the first placing on the market of forest reproductive material with a delivery note.

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The responsible person must be reliable and have the necessary professional knowledge and experience.

  • The list of forest seed/forest plant farms registered in Germany can be seen on the BLE website.

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Submit the notification in writing using the form provided:

  • Download the form online and print it out.
  • Fill in the form.
  • Send the form to the specified address of the country office.

You will then receive your company number and instructions on how to run the company by post.

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