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The exercise of fishing shall be subject to authorisation (fishing licence) by the competent fisheries authority. This is granted: for professional fishermen to fish with all approved fishing gear; for anglers to fish with fishing gear. Fishing licences for professional fishermen may be obtained by persons who: prove that he has completed fishing training, have completed a training in fisheries science, or as a holder of fishing rights linked to certain waters or as a member of a traditional Spreewald fishing community, have successfully completed a special course carried out by the Fisheries Authority and have reached the age of eighteen. The scope of fishing certificates should be limited to these waters. Fishing certificates for anglers may be obtained by persons who have passed an angler's test which demonstrates sufficient knowledge in the fields of fish science and activities, the care of fish waters, fishing gear and their use, the treatment of fish caught and relevant legislation, The fishing licence shall be issued indefinitely in accordance with a model determined by the supreme fisheries authority. A fishing licence is not required, among other things, for persons who: fish with fried fish fishing, fishing with fishing gear and do not have a principal residence within the scope of the Basic Law and are only within the scope of this Act for short periods of a calendar year; Persons who have reached the age of 8 may, on request, obtain a youth fishing licence with a period of validity up to the age of 18. The youth fishing licence entitles you to use the Friedfischhandangel.

Application for a fishing licence current passport image Proof of expertise (certificate of angler's examination, proof of vocational training, diploma, etc.) with the exception of the youth fishing certificate

Forms from the lower fisheries authorities are available online Online procedure possible: no Written form required: yes Personal appearance: no

The applicant must be 14 years of age (youth fishing licences may be issued after the age of 8) The applicant must declare that in the five years prior to the application, no final conviction for fish poaching, theft of fish and fishing gear or intentional damage to equipment, vehicles, equipment and equipment used for fishing or fish farming or to hydraulic structures, a forgery of a fishing licence or other certificate necessary for the exercise of the fishery, infringement of fishing, animal health or water legislation, or animal cruelty or violation of nature conservation laws and no fine has been imposed
Application to the lower fisheries authority responsible for residence or residence Examination of the application and the certificate of expertise Payment of the fee Issuing the document