Family name change for an important reason

You must have an important reason to change your name.

identity card or passport or children's id, or certified copy of the birth entry if necessary, certified copy of the marriage entry (marriage entry) or civil partnership entry if necessary, approval by the court for the guardian or caregiver, where appropriate, proof of the outcome of the applicant's judicial hearing, and declaration by the applicant that he is aware that the change of name or the refusal or withdrawal of the application is subject to a fee, Explanation of whether a change of name has been requested earlier, if necessary when and with which authority. Further documentation and evidence may be required in individual cases. For more information, contact the appropriate name change authority. The documents should be submitted in the original. You will receive these back after the copies have been certified.

The request must be made in writing.

German or recognised as a stateless, homeless foreigner, foreign refugee or as a person entitled to asylum, important reason, which is described in detail in the application, if you are between 7 and 18 years of age: a legal representative who makes the application for you (father, mother, guardian, carer), only for the guardian: approval of the family court, only for the caregiver: approval of the care court.
You submit the application for a change of name in writing to your municipality or county and add the necessary proof to the application. The application shall be examined by the competent name change authority. If you apply for a name change as a limited-time person who is at least 16 years of age, the Family Court will ask you about the application and hear you. Persons in care are interviewed and heard by the care court. You will receive a written notification as to whether the requested name change will be made and a document of the name change or a notification of the rejection of your application. At the same time, you will receive an information about the fees you have to pay. The competent authority shall initiate the follow-up certificate of the name change in the birth register and in the marriage register or civil partnership register. It shall notify the reporting authority responsible for the home of the data subject of the change or identification of the name.

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