Permission to acquire and possess weapons and ammunition for weapons or ammunition collectors

A need to acquire and possess firearms or ammunition is recognised by persons who believe that they need firearms or ammunition for a collection of culturally significant collectors (weapons collectors, ammunition collectors); A scientific and technical collection is also important for cultural and historical significance. Permission to purchase firearms or ammunition is usually granted indefinitely. It may be accompanied by the requirement to submit a list of firearms stockes to the Authority at certain intervals. Permission to acquire and possess firearms or ammunition shall also be granted to an heir, legateor or condition beneficiary (purchaser as a result of an inheritance) who shall continue an existing collection of the deceased within the meaning of paragraph 1.

Written application

Written form requirement (perspective: online procedure)

The applicant must be 18 years of age, have the necessary reliability and personal aptitude, demonstrate the necessary expertise and a need.
Written application to the competent weapons authority. Written decision of the Arms Authority.

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