Permission to acquire and possess weapons and ammunition for customs shooters and for the maintenance of customs

A need for the acquisition and possession of single-loader long weapons and up to three repeater long weapons as well as the ammunition intended for this purpose is recognized by members of an association (custom-protection) which is responsible for the maintenance of customs, if they prove by a certificate of the Customs Rifle Association that they need these weapons for the maintenance of the custom. For events where it is customary to carry weapons on a special occasion, the exemption permit for the carrying of firearms referred to in paragraph 1 sentence 1 as well as other weapons required for the maintenance of customs within the meaning of Section 1 (2) no. 2 may be granted to a responsible head of the Customs Rifle Association for a period of five years under the conditions of Section 42 (2) , if it is ensured that the necessary care is taken. Permission to shoot with the firearms referred to in sentence 1 above shooting sites with cartridge ammunition at events referred to in paragraph 2 may be granted for a period of five years to a responsible head of the Customs Shooting Association. It must be refused if: 1. in whose person there is no condition under Section 4 (1) No. 1 to 4, 2. the observance of the necessary care is not guaranteed, 3. Dangers or significant disadvantages for individuals or the general unit are to be feared and cannot be prevented by conditions, or 4. no liability insurance cover has been established in accordance with Section 4 (1) No. 5. The 1st sentence permit may be linked to the exemption in accordance with paragraph 2. In the cases of paragraphs 2 and 3 or in the case of an exemption permit pursuant to Section 42(2), rifleshooters may carry firearms without permission and shoot them with them. Do you also be required to carry firearms in connection with events where it is customary to carry weapons for special reasons for which a permit under paragraph 2 or under paragraph ? 42 (2) was granted without permission.

Written application

Written form requirement (perspective: online procedure)

The applicant must be 18 years of age, have the necessary reliability and personal aptitude, demonstrate the necessary expertise and a need.
Written application to the competent weapons authority. Written decision of the Arms Authority.

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