Re-issue hunting license

The re-issue of a hunting license is carried out by the lower hunting authority.

The hunting license is issued by the lower hunting authority if the applicant meets the following conditions:

  • Passed hunter's examination. The exact regulation of the hunter test in Germany is the responsibility of the federal states. The hunter examination concludes with a complex, three-part, state examination.
  • Proof of hunting liability insurance (at least € 50,000 for property damage and at least € 500,000 for personal injury)
  • personal reliability according to the Weapons Act (WaffG), which requires, among other things, a flawless certificate of good conduct
  • Minimum age 18 years, with at the earliest 16 years, the youth hunting license associated with restrictions can be issued by the lower hunting authority.
  • Hunting licenses are also available for falconers and for foreign citizens.

Certificate of the passed hunter's examination

Confirmation of hunting liability insurance


Forms from the lower hunting authorities already available online


The practice of hunting requires a passed hunter's examination, an existing hunting liability insurance and personal and physical aptitude.

In the case of the re-issue of a hunting license, no imposed blocking period according to § 18 sentence 3 BJagdG may run any more.


Parallel to the issuance of a new hunting license, remunerated hunting permits and leased hunting district areas must also be submitted for registration.

In justified individual cases, the lower hunting authority may demand the personal appearance of the applicant.

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  • § 15 Federal Hunting Act (BJagdG)

Procedures for the issuance of juvenile hunting licenses, falconer hunting licenses sometimes require further documents, which are demanded by the lower hunting authority in individual cases by the applicant.

Application for a hunting license in writing at the lower hunting authority, where the hunter has her main residence.

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