Permission to hold the professional title of midwife / maternity nurse Grant

The activity as a midwife or maternity nurse is regulated by precise regulations in Germany. This means that in order to work as a midwife or maternity nurse in Germany, you need a state permit. With this permission, you may use the professional title "midwife/maternity nurse" and work in the profession. Permission to hold the professional title of midwife or maternity nurse is required to practise the profession. It must be applied for. Permission is granted if you completed the training period required by law and passed the state examination have not been guilty of conduct which gives rise to unreliability in the pursuit of the profession, are suitable for the exercise of the profession from a health point of view, have the knowledge of the German language necessary for the pursuit of the profession.

- official certificate of leadership in the original (not older than 3 months) - Proof of health suitability for the profession of midwife or maternity nurse (not older than 3 months)

State examination for midwives/maternity nurses passed after 3 years of training Health suitability (meaning that you can work mentally and physically as a midwife/delivery nurse.) Reliability for work as a midwife/maternity nurse no criminal record Proof of the german language required for the job. This is usually the level of B2 according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
You can apply in writing for permission to use the professional title "midwife" or "maternity nurse" using the form available: Download and print the form online. Fill in the form and add the necessary evidence. Submit the application documents to the LAVG. You will then receive the desired permission by post and transfer the fee provided for this purpose.

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