Approval as a veterinarian Grant Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

If you want to work permanently as a veterinarian in Germany, you must be approved (approved) for this activity. Approval must be applied for in the country where you wish to become a veterinarian.

completed application form Copy of identity card or similar identification document in case of name change, appropriate official proof (e.g. marriage certificate) Medical certificate (not older than 1 month) stating that there is no evidence that you are unsuitable from a health point of view for the proper exercise of the profession in the original. This must be issued and signed by a general practitioner or general practitioner or internal doctor established in Germany or another Contracting State of the Agreement on the European Economic Area or switzerland and must be stamped with a practical or hospital stamp. If the practice or clinic stamp is not available in German, a German translation of the stamp is required. for proof of personal reliability: Declaration that no criminal proceedings or prosecutor's investigation are pending against you. If you are resident in Germany: Leadership certificate of document type "O" In Germany, this must be requested from the registration office of the place of residence, indicating the intended use of "Approval as a veterinarian". The certificate of leadership is transmitted directly to the competent authority by the Federal Office of Justice. If you are resident abroad: Documents from your home country that prove your personal reliability. (Criminal records extracts from all countries in which you have been in the last 5 years for more than 6 months. The extracts of criminal records may not be older than 3 months upon receipt of the application. These extracts shall be submitted in a certified copy.) Curriculum vitae with focus on your previous professional activity in the original or as an officially certified copy certificates (e.g. diplomas) on the veterinary examination or proof of training of the respective EU/EEA country or Switzerland or Proof of training and certificate from the competent authority of the Country concerned on the equivalence of training Proof of sufficient knowledge of the German language To verify personal reliability, the MSGIV can request additional documents. In addition, further evidence (e.g. proof of activity) may be required. Please inquire directly with the MSGIV. Note: You must include documents in German. The translation must be carried out by an officially sworn document interpreter or an officially sworn document interpreter.

Application forms can be obtained from the MSGIV. Online procedure possible: no Written form required: yes Personal appearance necessary: no

Completed veterinary studies Education is equivalent to a German university degree (if necessary you must take post-knowledge or knowledge examinations) Proof that you have not been guilty of any conduct that renders you unworthy or unreliable for the exercise of the veterinary profession are suitable from a health point of view for the exercise of the veterinary profession have the knowledge of the German language necessary for the pursuit of the profession Veterinary training completed in one of the other EU/EEA countries or in Switzerland is equivalent to training in Germany. The equivalence of training must be demonstrated.
You can request in writing that you have been approved as a veterinarian: The necessary forms are available from the MSGIV. Fill in the form and sign it by hand or provide it with a qualified electronic signature. The application must state that you wish to pursue your professional activity in Brandenburg. Add the necessary evidence. Submit the application documents to the MSGIV. The MSGIV then checks whether you meet all requirements. The MSGIV will notify you within 4 weeks whether your application is complete or whether you need to submit further documentation. You will receive an approval certificate after your approval has been issued.

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