Advertisement of non-profit and commercial waste collections

Non-profit and commercial collections of recyclable waste (recyclables) from private households must be displayed no later than three months before the collection begins. For example, street or container collections of textiles and footwear, as well as purchase points for waste paper (Sections 18 (1) and 2 KrWG) are subject to notification. The collection may be prohibited, limited in time or subject to conditions by the competent authority (Section 18(5) of the KrWG). Mixed waste from private households and waste subject to a return obligation cannot be collected for commercial or non-profit purposes.

information on the size and organisation of the collection company, information on the nature, extent and duration, in particular the maximum size and minimum duration of the collection, information on the nature, quantity and whereabouts of the waste to be recycled, a statement of the recovery routes foreseen within the indicated period, including the measures necessary to ensure their capacity; an explanation of how the proper and harmless recovery of the collected waste is ensured in the context of the recovery routes referred to in point 4.

The purpose must be to collect waste from private households for commercial or non-profit purposes. The collection must not preclude an overriding public interest.

Any person who fails to notify, correctly or not in time of a non-profit collection or a commercial collection shall commit an administrative offence (Section 69 (2) No. 1 KrWG). This can be punished with a fine of up to €10,000.
In addition to the concrete collection, the activity as a collector for recyclables must be indicated in accordance with Section 53 of the Law on the Promotion of the Circular Economy and Safeguarding the Environmentally Sound Management of Waste (KrWG).

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The processing period (3 months) begins with the submission of complete notification documents. For advertisements of commercial collections, the respective public-law disposal authority is invited to submit an opinion. Unless the collection is prohibited, it shall be deemed to be authorised. If the competent authorities impose conditions for collection, these shall be observed. Otherwise, the collection in its completed form is not displayed.

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