Exception to Sunday driving ban permit Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

In Germany, lorries with a permissible total weight of more than 7.5 t and trailers behind lorries are not allowed to run on Sundays and public holidays between 0:00 and 22:00. The prohibition does not apply to: combined rail-road freight transport from the consignor to the nearest suitable loading station or from the nearest suitable unloading station to the consignee, but only up to a distance of 200 km, combined freight traffic port-road between the loading or unloading point and a port within a radius of not more than 150 kilometres (loading or departure), (a) fresh milk and fresh milk products, (b) fresh meat and fresh meat products, (c) fresh fish, live fish and fresh fish products, (d) perishable fruit and vegetables; Empty journeys related to journeys referred to in point 2, Journeys with vehicles used in accordance with the Federal Performance Act. In doing so, the performance notice must be carried away and, upon request, persons responsible for examination must be handed over. Exceptions to the Ban on Sundays and Public Holidays may be granted under certain conditions.