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The transport of pupils is a municipal self-government task of the districts and district-free cities and is carried out by these independently. The counties and non-district cities, if necessary, provide for transport to public and independent schools or reimburse travel costs. The requirements for a right to school transport or reimbursement of school travel expenses, the nature and scope of the transport or reimbursement, as well as the application and settlement procedure, are determined by the counties and non-district cities by statute. It will be published in the respective official publication sheet and subsequently on the Internet. The individual claims of pupils for the transport of pupils or reimbursement of school travel expenses arise exclusively from the respective statutes, not under the Brandenburg School Act. It is also dependent on the statutes whether parents or adult pupils have to contribute to the school travel costs. As a result of a popular initiative, Section 112 of the Brandenburg School Act was amended to the effect that the districts and towns without districts are no longer obliged by law to determine a share of costs. They decide for themselves whether to demand it. The application for the transport of pupils or reimbursement of school travel expenses must be submitted to the school administration office of the district or the district-free city where the student resides. Young people with a vocational training or employment relationship submit their application in the district or in the district-free city where their training or employment centre, designated in the training or employment contract, is located. As a rule, the following documents are required: Application of parents or pupils of legal age to the School Administration Office (application forms to the School Administration Office, often also in schools and on the Internet), Proof of school attendance (copy of the student ID card, if necessary the admission decision) and proof of disability in the event of a disability.

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