Refugee integration measures

In recent years, a large number of people have come to Germany to to seek protection from persecution and violence and to apply for asylum. Also in the coming years, people are expected to come to us to come here temporarily or to live permanently and become part of our society. It often takes months from entry to the decision on recognition. This waiting time, often spent in an initial reception facility or other collective accommodation. should be bridged by meaningful and public interest-oriented employment. Refugees should enter the labour market by means of low-threshold offers in job opportunities be introduced. In doing so, participants can follow the basic rules of social life in our country and also acquire language skills. At the same time, they contribute to the common good. In addition, the insights gained in the work opportunities can be on the skills and knowledge of the participants later for further action used for integration or job promotion.

BMAS Directive on the Labour Market Programme "Refugee Integration Measures " v om 20 July 2016

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