Admission to the bar grant

Legal service as a lawyer requires admission to the bar. The act of appointment also confers the title of lawyer and gives a full power to advise, represent, shape and meditate in cases.

Personnel sheet with photo (included in the admission application form) Questionnaire (included in the application form) Copy of birth certificate (uncertified) Copy of the marriage certificate in case of name change (uncertified) Resume Proof of payment of the administration fee Proof of professional insinuating insurance or the provisional cover commitment Employer's declaration of indemnity and employment contract (only for Syndicate lawyers, see fact sheet) certified copy of the examination certificate on the acquisition of the qualification to the office of judge certified copying of the diploma certificate of a diploma lawyer and the diploma certificate as well as proof of legal practice of at least two years (see fact sheet) certified photographing of the certificate on the teaching qualification for law of the former GDR Proof of at least three years of effective and regular activity as a resident European lawyer in Germany in the field of German law, including Community law Proof of less than three years' activity as a resident European lawyer in the field of German law on the condition of admission pursuant to Sections 13 i.V.m. Sections 14, 15 EuRAG certified photocopying of the certificate of aptitude test in accordance with Section 16 EuRAG

Pursuant to Section 4 of the BRAO, only those who have obtained the qualification to become judges under the German Judicial Act or who have fulfilled the integration requirements under the Law on the Activity of European Lawyers in Germany ( EuRAG ) or have passed the aptitude test under this Act can be admitted to the bar profession. Admission to the bar is granted on request in accordance with Section 6 (1) of the BRAO.

The use of the title of lawyer without corresponding appointment may fulfil the criminal offence of the title presumption in accordance with Section 132 a of the Criminal Code (StGB). Legal advice, which is not provided on the basis of a lawyer's licence or a privilege of the Law on Out-of-Court Legal Services (RDG), may be punished as an administrative offence. Admission to the bar requires, in addition to the vocational qualification qualification and proof of other formalities, the fulfilment of a number of positive and negative criteria, which are laid down in Section 7 braO, among others. Where there is evidence, these circumstances must be reviewed, which may lead to a delay in the authorisation procedure. Where the grounds for refusal of authorisation are available, authorisation may not be granted. Insofar as the negative criteria laid down in Section 7 of the BRAO occur or become known after admission (e.g. illness-related incapacity for work, insolvency, criminal convictions of a certain degree of seriousness) this entails the subsequent revocation or withdrawal of the lawyer's licence.
Section 6 et seq. of the Federal Lawyers' Code (BRAO)

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