Exemption from visa requirements for students on collective lists Approval Unfortunately this specification of service has not yet been completely translated.

The student collection list is a form that facilitates class trips with a multinational class. It applies to class trips within the European Union as well as to Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway (European Economic Area). Student collection list as a visa replacement Pupils with third-country nationality and residence in Germany who would actually be subject to visa requirements in the country of destination can enter without a visa on the list as an exception. The student collection list allows, for example, that pupils can take part in a class trip, even if an asylum procedure has not yet been completed. If the teacher presents the collection list at the border, the border guards of the Member States must allow the listed pupils to enter and leave without a visa. The students only show their passport or identity card when crossing the border. Student collection list as passport replacement If a pupil does not have a passport or other valid travel document, the EU form will also be recognised as a passport replacement at the time of crossing the border, provided that the list has been provided with a photo of the student, and has been certified and approved by the local authority on foreigners. With the approval, the immigration authority confirms that all listed students live in Germany and are entitled to return. The student collection list contains the following information: names, dates of birth and addresses of pupils, destination and duration of the class trip, if necessary, photos of students who do not have a passport. It is advisable to ask for further information on the procedure in the specific case before travelling. To do so, please contact the embassy of the country of travel and the local immigration authority.

where appropriate, proof of membership of a general education school if necessary, proof of the class trip by means of booking data when used as a passport replacement: biometric photo Please ask the local immigration authority for all necessary documents.

Forms: yes Online procedure possible: Please ask the local immigration authority Written form required: Please ask the local immigration authority Personal appearance necessary: Please ask the local immigration authority. As a rule, the pre-consultation of a person commissioned by the school is required to collect the list.

One or more participants of the trip are pupil of a general or vocational school in Germany and Nationals of a third country (not: Germany, European Union, European Economic Area) residing in Germany. When used as a visa replacement: The student needs a visa. You can find out which countries of origin need a visa and thus also a student collection list as a visa replacement on the website of the Foreign Office. When used as a passport replacement: There is no passport or other valid travel document for a student.
You must apply for the collection list for students in writing: Contact your local immigration authority. There you will receive the form "List of travellers for school trips within the European Union. Complete the form in full. Have it signed and stamped by the school management. The list is therefore valid and, together with the students' passports, serves as a visa replacement. If you want to issue the list exclusively as a visa replacement, you do not need to go back to the immigration office. If you also want to exhibit the list as a passport replacement: In addition, add a photo of the affected students to the list. Send the fully completed, signed and stamped list to your local immigration authority. The immigration authority examines the list. If approved, it will include a seal on the list. It serves as confirmation that all listed students live in Germany and are entitled to return. After that, you will receive the approved list back.