Registration with the National Medical Association

As a doctor in Brandenburg, you must register with the Brandenburg State Medical Association. Membership is mandatory. One of the board's main tasks is: to take care of the professional interests of the members of the Chamber, regulate their continuing vocational training, promote professional development and to monitor the fulfilment of professional duties. Note: If you move your professional activity abroad, you can remain a voluntary member. This also applies in the event that you only move your residence abroad without working for a professional activity. As a doctor who is allowed to treat patients ("cash patients" and "cash patients") on an outpatient basis, you are also automatically a member of the Health Insurance Association.

Approval/professional permit Certificates of academic and title (mainly doctoral certificate(s), habilitation) and/or certificates of approval for the conduct of academic degrees and titles Certificate of Professional Recognition

Online reporting sheet Online procedure possible: no Written form required: yes Personal appearance necessary: no

Approved as a doctor or doctor, or permission to practise the medical profession and exercise of your profession in Brandenburg or, if you do not pursue your profession, reside in Brandenburg
Section 5 Medical Profession Act of the State of Brandenburg (HeilBerG)

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If you are a doctor in Brandenburg, register yourself with the State Medical Association: Complete the report form in full online. A corresponding cover letter is generated after filling in. Print and sign the report form. Add the necessary evidence. Submit the documents by post to the Brandenburg State Medical Association. The National Medical Association registers you as a new member in the membership list.

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