Registration at the State Dental Association

As a dentist in Brandenburg, you register with the Brandenburg State Medical Association. You will then receive chamber membership.

As a dentist in Brandenburg, you must register with the Brandenburg State Dental Association. Membership is mandatory.

The Landeszahnärztekammer is a public corporation based in Cottbus. The main tasks of the chamber include, among others:

  • to take care of the professional interests of their members,
  • to regulate and promote further and advanced training in dentistry,
  • to monitor the fulfilment of professional obligations, and
  • to ensure quality assurance.

Note: If you relocate your professional activity abroad, you can remain a voluntary member. This also applies in the event that you only move your residence abroad without working.

If you are allowed to treat legally insured patients ("health insurance patients" and "health insurance patients") as a dentist, you are also a member of the Kassenzahnärztliche Vereinigung Brandenburg

certified copies of all documents related to the exercise of the profession

  • Application form for dental card
  • Notification change of practice peculiarities and specializations for dentist search service on the Internet
  • Form: Identification of main areas of activity

Online procedure possible: no

Written form required: yes

Personal appearance necessary: no


  • dental license or
  • permission to practice dentistry and
  • Exercise of the profession in Brandenburg or, if you do not exercise your profession, residence in Brandenburg

§ 5 abs. 2 Heilberufsgesetz des Landes Brandenburg (HeilBerG)

  • Website of the Brandenburg State Dental Association
  • Registration regulations of the State Dental Association of Brandenburg
  • Guideline for the identification of priority areas of activity

If you are a dentist in Brandenburg, register yourself with the State Dental Association:

  • Forms can be requested by phone at: 0355/3814814 from Mrs. Schulz.
  • Fill out the form and add the necessary proofs.
  • Submit the documents to the State Dental Association of Brandenburg.

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