List of architects Registration of foreign applicants

Companies which are not registered in a register of companies of a chamber of architects in the Federal Republic of Germany (foreign companies) may, in their company or name, hold the professional titles, word combinations or similar professional titles referred to in Paragraph 1 of the Brandenburg Architects Act, if they are authorised under the law of their country of origin to hold these or comparable professional titles in their company or name. The companies must notify the Chamber of Architects in advance of the first performance of services.

Publicly certified, i.e. notarial copy of the company or partnership agreement, in which the requirements of Section 7 (2) sentence 1 BbgArchG, in the case of partnership companies only clause 7, are regulated; Proof of the existence of professional indemnity insurance that satisfies the minimum requirements set out in Section 10 bbgArchG (the proof must expressly state that the company itself is a policyholder); Proof of the rights to hold the job title; list of all shareholders with information on their professional affiliation; Copy deposit receipt for the fee payment

The Chamber of Architects does not provide forms for foreign companies on the Internet. The decision is taken by the Registration Committee of the Chamber of Architects. The procedure for notifying the commencement of the activity can also be carried out through the Single Contact Person within the meaning of the Single Contact Person Act for the Land of Brandenburg as a Single Unit within the meaning of Sections 71a to 71e of the Administrative Procedure Act.

The entry in a special list with the Brandenburg Chamber of Architects is made on the basis of the notification of the commencement of the activity, if the company proves the existence of a liability insurance and the professional obligations applicable to the professional members in accordance with Section 25 of the Brandenburg Architects Act are observed by the company. The Chamber of Architects prohibits these partnerships or companies from holding the professional title if, on request, they do not prove that: it, its partners or its partners or legal representatives lawfully carry out the activity in question in accordance with the law of the company's country of origin, and the partnership or partnership agreement or the articles of association fulfils the requirements in accordance with Sections 8 or 9 (2) No. 1 to 8 and there is sufficient liability insurance for their activities in the Land of Brandenburg.

By being included in the special list, the company does not become a member of the Chamber of Architects. Foreign partnerships or companies must first notify the Chamber of Architects of the first performance of services in the Land of Brandenburg. List of companies: adequate liability insurance List of partnerships: for the duration of registration and beyond 5 years after deletion Amount of the minimum insurance sums: 1,500,000 euros for personal injury and 250,000 euros for property and property damage
Registration takes place without application