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The professional title "Consulting Engineer" or "Consulting Engineer" is protected by law. Consulting engineers offer self-responsible and independent advice (e.B. in development, planning, supervision, control and testing) and expert work in the field of engineering. If you wish to hold this professional title, you must register on a written request in the list of consulting engineers maintained by the Landes-Ingenieurkammer. At the same time, the registration establishes the chamber membership.

The following evidence must be submitted with application: Certificate of successful completion of studies or the award, approval or notification of notification in accordance with the Land Engineering Act Proof of a successful three-year career as an engineer The documents shall be presented in the original or in the form of an officially certified copy. Proof of required practical engineering work tabular CV, Confirmation of the insurer of the existence of adequate professional insinuation insurance (not older than three months, minimum coverage amount in accordance with Section 10 BrbIngG), Proof of independent, independent and self-responsible activity.

Forms can be found at Online procedure possible: no written form required. Yes Personal appearance necessary: no

The list of consultant engineers may include who has the domicile or professional establishment in the Land of Brandenburg, has the right to keep the professional drawing "engineer" or "engineer" alone or in a word connection, can demonstrate a practical activity of at least two years with a master's degree or at least four years in the case of a bachelor's degree as an engineer in the last 5 years, self-employed, independently and independently of his profession, sufficient insurance against liability risks arising from professional activity. The Registration Committee shall decide on its admission to the Chamber upon receipt of the complete documents. If a positive decision is taken, you will receive a certificate of registration in the list of consulting engineers, a chamber stamp and an engineering certificate in addition to the decision. You will need the certificate in the course of the exercise of your activity as proof of professional admission. By the age of 45, the applicant must become a member of the pension scheme. For this purpose, a consultation with the pension company is necessary before submitting the application. The application shall be enclosed by a written confirmation of the willingness to become a member there. You can contact the supply company at the Brandenburg Chamber of Engineers in the member administration.
Further information can be found on the website of the Brandenburg Chamber of Engineers at

Registration is made on a written request. Download and print the application form online. Fill in the form and add the necessary evidence. Submit the application to the Brandenburg Chamber of Engineers. The application will be processed by the Registration Committee (which may provide explanations or invitations to submit documents). You will then receive a postal notice from the Registration Committee

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