Prostitution activity Advertisement of the installation of a prostitution vehicle

Prostitution vehicles are motor vehicles, trailers and other mobile equipment provided for the provision of sexual services. If you want to set up a prostitution vehicle for more than 2 consecutive days or several times in 1 month, you must report this to the local public order office 2 weeks before installation. The place of operation and the operating hours must not preclude the requirements for the protection of the following categories of persons: prostitutes working in prostitution vehicles, customers, of young people, residents, residents and the general public. The installation of the prostitution vehicle may otherwise be prohibited. A complaint that is not, not correct, not made in full or not in due time is an administrative offence and can be punished with a fine of up to EUR 1,000.

Advertisement about the line-up first and last name of the vehicle owner and full name of the operator of the prostitution vehicle, motor vehicle or ship registration plate of the prostitution vehicle, precise indication of the place of installation, Duration of installation and operating times. Permission for prostitution industry with operating concept Copy of the permit for the operation of a prostitution trade with the underlying operating concept The operating concept must clearly indicate whether the vehicle has a sufficiently large interior and adequate interior design. In particular, the prostitution vehicle must be designed in such a way that doors can be opened from the inside at any time, assistance can be reached at any time by technical devices, adequate sanitation and a valid operating licence is available and the vehicle is in technically operational condition. if necessary, also a copy of the alternate permit Registration certificates/alias certificates Copy of registration certificates and/or alias certificates of all prostitutes expected to work in prostitution vehicles Agreements with prostitutes Copy of agreements/contracts for the use of the vehicle concluded with the prostitutes Photos of the prostitution vehicle current photos (exterior and interior) of the prostitution vehicle Valid operating approval/proof of operational capability Proof of a valid operating licence and technical viability for the prostitution vehicle (for example by copy of the last main examination, copy registration certificate part I, workshop service booklet, or similar)

Please contact the public order office in your county or district-free city to see if a display form is available. for example, Form City of Potsdam: Display of the installation of a prostitution vehicle in accordance with Section 21 ProstSchG Online procedure possible: no Written form required: yes Personal appearance necessary: no

Permission for prostitution Appropriateness of the place of installation the person of legal age and, where applicable, his/her representative
Section 21 Prostitute Protection Act (ProstSchG) Section 19 Prostitute Protection Act (ProstSchG)

If you want to set up a prostitution vehicle, please indicate this in writing: Create the ad (a form may be available, for example for the city of Potsdam). Add the necessary documentation. Submit the advertisement and the necessary documents to the public order office responsible for you.