Advertisement of an independent activity in a medical profession

If you are self-employed in a health profession, employ healthcare professionals or offer or perform sick and nursing activities for remuneration, you must immediately notify the competent health authority of this, unless such an obligation exists under other legislation in relation to other bodies. The first sentence shall not apply to sick and old-age care activities carried out as follows: 1. in public ownership, 2. of institutions within the meaning of Section 3 of the Twelfth Book of the Social Code, 3. in hospitals, preventive and rehabilitation facilities in accordance with Section 107 of the Fifth Book of the Social Code, 4. in facilities pursuant to Section 3(2) or in institutions to which the Home Law applies, or 5. in the context of an employment relationship with or for the benefit of the persons in care or for convenience or for reasons of family, kinship or neighbourly assistance. Health professions usually include: Doctor or doctor Dentist or dentist Psychological psychotherapist or psychotherapist Child and adolescent psychotherapist Pharmacist or pharmacist Holistic practitioner Elderly caregiver or nurse Dietic assistant or dietitian Occupational therapist or occupational therapist Midwife or maternity nurse Health and paediatric nurses Health and nurse or nurse Speech therapist or speech therapist Masseur and medical bath attendant or masseuse and medical bath attendant Orthoptist or orthoptist Physiotherapist or physiotherapist Podologist or podologist Rescue assistant or paramedic or emergency paramedic Medical-technical laboratory assistant or medical-technical laboratory assistant Medical-technical radiology assistant or medical-technical radiology assistant Medical-technical assistant or medical-technical assistant for functional diagnostics Veterinary-technical assistant or veterinary-technical assistant or as a self-employed disinfector or self-employed disinfector Note: You must also view subsequent changes or the abandonment of your practice or activity.

certified copy of the professional certificate

Please contact your local health office. Online procedure possible: no Written form required: yes Personal appearance necessary: no

Proof of eligibility for professional practice (professional certificate)
Section 12 (2) of the Brandenburg Health Service Act (BbgGDG)

Please contact your local health office.

If you are self-employed in a healthcare profession, you will indicate this in writing: Create the ad. Add the necessary underlay. Submit the advertisement as well as the certified copy of the professional certificate to the health office responsible for you in person or in writing.

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