List of members of the Chamber of Engineers Registration

Who can be added to the list of voluntary members of the Chamber of Engineers?

Engineers who live in the state of Brandenburg or carry out their professional activity here and can prove a practical activity as an engineer of at least two years can be entered in the list of volunteer members.

  • Completed membership application
  • Certified copy of the degree certificate
  • Complete professional career
  • Proof of professional indemnity insurance (confirmation from the employer if applicable)
  • References (e.B. employment/employment certificates)
  • Proof of at least two years of practical work as an engineer

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On request, the list of voluntary members shall be entered as a member of the Chamber who:

  • has its main residence or its head office of professional activity in the State of Brandenburg or exercises its profession here,
  • is entitled to use the professional title "engineer" and
  • proves a practical activity as an engineer of at least two years.

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Further information can be found on the homepage of the Brandenburg Chamber of Engineers under

  • After receipt of the completed membership application and the attachments to be attached, the office first formally checks them for completeness and then forwards the documents to the BBIK Registration Committee. The latter shall comprehensively examine the applicant's eligibility for registration. If the documents give rise to doubts as to the conditions for registration or if questions remain unanswered, the applicant will either be invited to submit further documents or/or be given the opportunity to comment on specific questions in an oral interview before the Registration Committee.
  • The Registration Committee forwards its audit results to the office. If the result is positive, the BBIK office will inform the applicant in a letter and issue the membership certificate. In the event of a negative result, a rejection notice will be issued.

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