Obligation to notify according to § 14 Explosives Act

If you want to purchase, transport or handle explosive substances for commercial purposes, you need an official permit, as long as they are not low-risk products such as New Year's Eve fireworks. In addition, you must display the following to the LAVG: the commencement of operations, the opening of a branch or a dependent branch, the cessation of the holding or activities, the closure of a branch or a dependent branch, the appointment or dismissal of a person responsible for the management of the business, a branch or a dependent branch, and in the case of legal persons, the change of a person appointed to represent him by law, articles of association or articles of association. You are also required to notify if you want to sell pyrotechnic articles of categories 1 and 2.

in the notification of the taking up or opening of an establishment, branch or branch: indication of the persons responsible for management: Proof of expertise where appropriate, proof of permission to handle explosive substances and pyrotechnic articles if necessary, proof of need

Written form required: yes Personal appearance necessary: no

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Appointment of responsible persons according to the size of the operation and the type of activity Proof of expertise where applicable, permission for the handling of explosive substances and pyrotechnic articles if necessary, proof of need
§ 14 Explosives Act (SprengG)

Retail fact sheet: sale of pyrotechnic articles of categories F1 and F2

Activities in the context of the commercial handling of explosive and pyrotechnic substances are en displayed in writing, if necessary also online: written: An informal display is sufficient. Add the necessary evidence. Submit the advertisement as well as the necessary documents/notifications to the LAVG. Online (when selling micro and small fireworks): Open the form online and fill it out directly on the screen. Submit the form online. Further information will be available after completing it. You will receive a completed form as a PDF document for your documents.

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