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Airbags and belt tensioners contain pyrotechnic substances (igniters). That is why they are subject to the Explosives Act. In case of improper handling, these components pose significant risks, which can lead to serious injuries and even death. Assembly and disassembly of airbag modules and belt tensioners may only be carried out by competent, trained personnel. If you deal with airbag or belt tensioner units of subclass T1 - or according to a new designation of category P1 - in the context of a commercial activity, but without detonating them (for example, when entering and dismantling in car repair shops), you do not need a permit in accordance with Section 7 of the Explosives Act. However, a prerequisite for this exemption from the authorisation requirement is that the handling is carried out by trained personnel, i.e. with limited expertise. If you, as an employer, have your company bypass airbag or belt tensioner units of subclass T1 (or category P1) for the first time in your company, you must indicate this in writing.

at the request of the LAVG: Proof of limited expertise by presenting a certificate of participation in a relevant training on the unlicensed handling of airbag and belt tensioner units

Online procedure possible: yes Written form required: no Personal appearance necessary: no

Your company must have trained personnel, i.e. the employees concerned have the necessary so-called "restricted expertise" by attending a relevant training course on the unlicensed handling of airbag and belt tensioner units. the airbag or belt tensioner units are not triggered when removed, i.e. not ignited the storage of the airbag and belt tensioner units is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the explosives regulations, in particular the Explosives Storage Directive 240 the quantity thresholds for the permit-free storage in accordance with Appendix 6 to the Annex to the 2 Ordinance on Explosives Act are complied with: namely, in the working area not more than 10 kilograms net explosive mass (NEM) and in the storage room (F30/T30) not more than 100 kilograms net explosive mass (NEM)
Section 14 Explosives Act (SprengG) Section 4 paragraph 3 of the First Ordinance on Explosives Act (1st SprengV ) Explosives Storage Directive 240 "Storage of Airbag and Belt Tensioner Units"

Before you, as an employer, can handle airbag and belt tensioner units in your company, indicate this in writing or online: written: Download and print the form online. Fill in the form and add the necessary evidence. Submit the advertisement and required documents to the LAVG. online: Open the form online and fill it out directly on the screen. Follow the editing steps and submit the form. The LAVG confirms your submitted ad form.

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