Display of activities in which asbestos dust or dust is or may be released from materials containing asbestos

The production, use and processing of hazardous substances containing asbestos is prohibited in principle by both companies and private individuals. Exemptions apply to demolition, refurbishment and maintenance work. If you are involved in activities involving materials containing asbestos, you, as a trader, must report this to the LAVG before the start of the work.

In the display, you're going to list at least: Location of the workplace (address) used or handled asbebes and quantities, activities and procedures used, Number of employees involved, start and duration of activities, Measures to limit the release of asbestos and to limit the exposure of workers to asbestos. In addition, you provide the following information or documents: Expert Certificate Where applicable, authorisation Routing Operating instructions

Form: Object-related display of activities with asbestos-containing materials Online procedure possible: no Written form required: yes Personal appearance necessary: no

Employment of experts according to TRGS 519 (point 5 TRGS 519) in the case of work with weakly bound asbestos, additional approval as a specialist company
Section 8 (8) in conjunction with Annex I No. 2.4.2 Dangerous Substances Ordinance (GefStoffV) Section 16 (2) in conjunction with Annex II No. 1 Dangerous Substances Ordinance (GefStoffV)

Hazardous Substances Ordinance, Technical Regulation Hazardous Substances 519 (TRGS 519) Dealing with asbestos in the private sector

You will be able to indicate in writing the intended activities with asbestos-containing materials: Download and print the form online. Fill in the form and add the necessary evidence. Submit the advertisement and the required documents to the LAVG.

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