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The term "disease pathogens" means propagating agents (viruses, bacteria, fungi, parasites) or other biologically transmitted agents which may cause infection or a communicable disease in humans. If you, as the responsible person or as the holder of the permit, intend to take up specific activities with pathogens (without authorisation or subject to authorisation), you must notify the LAVG. The obligation to notify is independent of whether these are previously indicated activities which have already been carried out by another responsible person or permit holder or licence holder, or whether they are new activities that have not yet been notified. There is no obligation to notify employees who work under the supervision of a person who has the necessary permission to carry out activities with pathogens. The LAVG examines the existing rooms, facilities and disposal measures. Activities with pathogens are in particular: Experiments with propropagating pathogens, microbiological examinations and methods for the detection of notifiable pathogens, Breeding of pathogens, routine storage, dispensing of pathogens or material containing pathogens, targeted enrichment or propagation of pathogens.

certified copy of the permit for activities with pathogens or information on the freedom of authorisation in accordance with Section 45 Of the intended activities Information on the nature and scope of the intended start of activities and disposal measures List of employees/organization chart Listing, classification and classification of pathogens in risk groups Risk assessment Information on the nature of the rooms and facilities Information on hygiene management If you submit the complaint in writing to the LAVG, it must be signed by hand.

Online procedure possible: no Written form required: yes Personal appearance required: no

Permission pursuant to Section 44 IfSG Exemption according to 45 IfSG suitable rooms and facilities Disposal management Hygiene management
Before you pursue activities with pathogens, indicate them in writing or in person: It is enough to have an informal display. Add the necessary evidence. The LAVG will provide you with e-mail information about the documents to be submitted for ad processing. Submit the advertisement and the required documents to the LAVG.

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