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The independent exercise of a craft of Annex A subject to approval without the registration of the craft roll is not permitted. If a craft is exercised without authorization and without registration with the Chamber of Crafts, the public order office of the district or the district-free city can issue a prohibition order, close the business and also impose fines. The obligation to register in the register of craftsmen also exists if essential sub-areas of a craft are exercised. The Chamber of Crafts issues a craft card for the registration carried out in the register of craftsmen, with which the trader can then identify himself. With a craft subject to approval (Annex A to the Crafts Code), anyone who intends to practice a craft independently and whose manager has a corresponding certificate of competence is entered in the register of craftsmen. Have the necessary skills: Master in this or a related craft Engineers or technicians of a German university, technical college or technical college for technicians of the discipline for the respective craft Nationals of an EU Member State / EEA Contracting State or Switzerland who can present a diploma from a university / college / training institution with an equivalent level of training after at least three years of training as well as the completion of vocational training, if this is required during the course of study Master of the state-owned industry of the respective discipline Industrial foreman, certified polishers of the respective discipline Holders of other equivalent examinations according to § 42(2) HwO or § 53 BBiG Holder of a right to exercise/exemption permit for the craft applied for in accordance with §§ 7a, 7b, 8 or 9 HwO Displaced persons and ethnic German repatriates who have passed an examination abroad equivalent to the master craftsman's examination before leaving their territories of origin for the first time (also applies to displaced persons who had their permanent residence in the territory referred to in Article 3 of the Unification Treaty on 2 October 1990) On the other hand, anyone who operates a craft without a licence (Annex B1) or a craft-like trade (Annex B2) must only notify the Chamber of Crafts of this. The holder shall be entered in the list of holders of craft trades without authorisation or in the list of holders of craft trades similar to crafts.

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Law on the Order of Crafts:

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