Legal services based on special expertise Registration of persons providing pension advice

Who is allowed to provide legal services in the field of social security?

  • Examination of applications for the provision of legal services in the field of pension advice in the field of statutory pension and accident insurance of social compensation law, other social security and severely disabled law with reference to a statutory pension as well as occupational and occupational pensions with corresponding entry in the legal services register,
  • Prohibition of legal services in the field of pension advice and corresponding enforcement in the legal services register, other changes to the registration
  • Application for registration as a legal service provider in the field of pension advice;
  • certificates of proof of theoretical and practical competence;
  • police clearance certificate;
  • Proof of professional indemnity insurance with a minimum sum insured of € 250,000 for each insured event;
  • Declaration of orderly financial circumstances (no opening of insolvency proceedings, no registration under § 26 (2) of the Insolvency Ordinance, § 915 of the Code of Civil Procedure).


  • personal suitability and reliability;
  • theoretical and practical expertise in the area or part of Paragraph 10(1) in which the legal services were to be provided; professional indemnity insurance

Jurisdiction Regulation

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