Pharmaceutical testing approval

The study of pharmacy includes a final examination. Proof of the passed examination is a prerequisite for approval as a pharmacist. The pharmaceutical training includes: a four-year degree in pharmacy at a university, a famulature of eight weeks, a practical training of 12 months, the pharmaceutical test to be carried out in three stages of the examination. The examination sections of the Pharmaceutical Examination are taken: the first stage after a study of pharmacy of at least two years, the second section after the existence of the first section and after a study of pharmacy of at least four years, the third section after the existence of the Second Section and after the subsequent practical training.

You must, among other things, attach your application for approval for pharmaceutical testing: the birth certificate, in the case of married persons or registered civil partners, also the marriage/civil partnership certificate proof of university entrance qualification (university entrance qualification); certificates obtained from foreign training establishments, including the recognition decision of the competent authority evidence of the famulature or the corresponding evidence from pharmacist assistants, pharmacy engineers, pharmaceutical and technical assistants and pharmacy assistants proof of a two-year pharmacy degree Certificates of participation in the courses Further documents are mentioned in the respective application forms.

You must register in writing for the pharmaceutical examination. Use the prescribed forms. Submit your application with the necessary documents to the competent authority.

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