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As a German national, you can apply for child benefit if you have your domicile or habitual residence in Germany abroad, but are subject to unlimited income tax in Germany If you do not live in Germany and are not subject to unlimited income tax, you can apply for child benefit under the Federal Child Benefit Act under certain conditions. As a foreign national, you can apply for child benefit if you live in Germany and have a valid residence permit or certain other residence permits (for details regarding residence permits, please contact the family fund). reside and/or work in Germany as a citizen of the EU, EEA or Switzerland. In cross-border cases, EU law determines which country is responsible for child benefit. This is the case if the family has a relationship with several EU countries through residence or employment. legally recognised refugee or asylum-seeker are You must apply for child benefit in writing with the relevant family fund. This is the family fund in whose district you live. You can find your local family fund via the following website:

You need: the application form, the birth certificate or written declaration of your child's household affiliation, the certificate of school attendance/study/vocational training of your child if it is older than 18 years, the child's tax identification number, the tax identification number of the parent who is to receive the child benefit.

Forms for applying for child benefit can be found here:

Income Tax Act (EStG) Federal Child Benefit Act (BKGG)

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