Hunter's Examination Approval

The first issue of a hunting licence depends on the applicant having passed a hunter's examination within the scope of the Federal Hunting Act, which shall consist of a written and an oral-practical part and a shooting test; it must provide the hunter's examination with sufficient knowledge of animal species, game biology, game hoof, hunting, wildlife damage prevention, land and silviculture, weapons law, weapons technology, the management of hunting weapons (including fist-guns), the management of hunting dogs, the treatment of the killed game, with particular regard to the hygienically necessary measures, in the assessment of the health-safe nature of the game, , and in hunting, animal welfare, nature conservation and landscape conservation law; poor performance in the shooting test cannot be compensated for by performance in other parts of the examination. Countries may make admission to the hunter test conditional, in particular, on proof of theoretical and practical training. For applicants who had an annual hunting licence before 1 April 1953, the hunter examination is not required. A hunting test for hunters who wish to carry out hunting with the hunting weapon before the date of accession in the German Democratic Republic is equivalent to the hunter test within the meaning of sentence 1.

Proof informal formal application, depending on the determination of the competent body

Form-based application on the forms of the Brandenburg State Hunting Association.

Proof of the training that has been completed In the case of minors (youth hunting licence) written consent of the legal representatives In case of re-examination written confirmation of non-existence of the examination (Section 13 para. 2 JPO) If necessary, declaration by the local hunting authority on notification to another hunting authority or.dem National Hunting Association BB to take the hunter's examination Proof of payment of the examination fee If necessary, official medical certificate in individual cases
Section 15 paragraph 5 federal hunting law (BJagdG) and Section 24 BbgJagdG i. V.m. Jägerprüfungsverordnung -JPO for Brandenburg

The training may be completed a maximum of four years and is recognised from other federal states if the catalogue of requirements is fulfilled (Sections 3 (4) and 5 JPO).

The applicant must apply for/register for admission to the examination at the latest 2 months before the written examination at the Brandenburg State Hunting Association. The Brandenburg State Hunting Association is a beliehener and is responsible for carrying out the hunter tests in Brandenburg. The application is made in a form-bound manner on the forms of the Brandenburg State Hunting Association.

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